How to gain weight

We have in many cases dealt with issues on how to lose weight. But did you know that people are struggling to gain weight? Being underweight pauses as much risk as being overweight has to your health. Being underweight maybe as a result of many factors including a poor diet. Excess weight comes as a result of bad eating habits, and the same applies to being underweight. Underweight people suffer the risk of contracting illness related to, low body weight and low self-esteem. Below are ways on how you can gain weight.

Gaining weight

Eat healthy

This is the number one factor to look at. Make sure that your food contains proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates at the required levels. Your body needs more calories; excess weight is brought about as a result of excess calories in the body, vice versa is true. If your body lacks those calories, you will start growing skinny. As you try to increase your calories intake, maintain a healthy eating. Avoid fats that will lead to the accumulation of cholesterol in your body. It will cause more harm than benefit to you.

Eat at close intervals

Gaining weight is all about small food portions from time to time. If you used to eat three meals in a day, increase them to five or six in between the main meals that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do not let your stomach run hungry. If you are working, carry a snack and eat it anytime you feel hungry. Slowly by slowly, your body will accumulate enough fat, and you will start getting comments of you are growing chubby.

Visit a nutritionist

If you tried planning your diet in vain, you would check with a nutritionist for advice. They will listen to you carry out certain tests and will give the necessary advice. If you are a given a diet plan, please follow it as it is. You might not be able to do so all the time but try at least 98%. If the diet does not seem to help you in a span of around six months, the nutritionist might be forced to put you on supplements. On this note, avoid buying supplements over the counter. If you have to take them let it be advice from your doctor. What worked for your friend might not go well with you. On gaining the required weight maintain it with a healthy diet and exercise. Light exercises keep your body healthy and strong.


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