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Summer is the best time to travel and go hiking. However, some people feel that it is the worst due to the heat. Most hikers are attracted by the clear warm morning, but as days go on, it gets tough as temperature rises. You would feel like you are being roosted in the sun if you did not take measures to protect yourself from the scorching sun. The weather should not stop you from having fun and creating beautiful memories. Below are tips on how to deal with the hot weather when hiking.

What you must know before going out for a hike in summer

Check the weather

Do not just assume and wake up early for your trip. Excess exposure to heat can negatively affect your health. Therefore go through weather forecast for the day before planning your trip. Humidity might mean it will rain later in the day, harm yourself with the necessary rain protectors. Thunderstorms might be experienced as a result of hot weather, be safe at all times. The main point here is that you must check the weather before starting your trip and protect yourself accordingly.

Start early and finish late

To avoid the excess heat, you are advised to start your journey very early in the morning or late in the evening. This way you will be able to skip the midday heat, avoid starting your journey between 11 AM is to 3 PM. It is at this time that the sun is hottest. Apply the principles of an early bird or a night owl.

Choose your trail wisely

Hiking in an open mountain cannot be compared with hiking through a shady forest. A trail with shade sections where you can rest for some time is a wise option. If you find a trail running along a river or any other water source the better. Drinking water will be easily accessible, and you can pour water of yourself for cooling purposes.

Light clothing

When hiking in the sun make sure your body is protected from the direct sun as much as possible. Hiking pants, long sleeve shirts, and fine quality boots will make you happy throughout the trip. Make sure that your boots are made of a breathable fabric such that your feet won’t sweat. Sweaty feet makes the journey more difficult. Choose loose fit clothes as they will allow free air circulation which keeps you cool.